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About Us

Dentman is privately owned. This means that it is not a franchise. Customer satisfaction is the primary importance for me.

With my experience (and patience) there are dents that I will attempt that other companies will not even look at. I carry out work for insurance approved bodyshops, this means that I am trusted to get the finish that a lot of other dent technicians can not.

Dentman carries out dent removal work all over Norfolk and Suffolk.

What determines your quote?

Your quote will be given to you over the phone or by email after you have answered some basic questions about the dent, how it happened etc. I am happy to receive photos of dents direct from your mobile to my mobile.
Not all dents can be removed via the method of paintless dent removal. When you answer the questions on the phone call I will assess the answers and use my experience and judgement to enable me to come to the decision about whether your dent can be removed.

Company fleet vehicles and company lease vehicles

Whether you control a fleet of company vehicles or lease your own you will know that charges can and will be incurred for damage to the vehicle. I have a lot of experience with vehicle de-fleeting, and I know it can be expensive when the cars are due to go back. Knowledge of what dents have to be removed and what dents will be accepted as 'wear and tear'. Discounts for repeat customers, whether you have 50 cars or 2 cars. Dentman will remove the dents whilst you car is outside, no need to leave it anywhere, or be dropped off.

Trade customers

This system has been around for many years, it will always be around and it saves car dealers, traders, bodyshops and rental companies an estimated 90% on dent removal where the car is not painted and it is removed by PDR.

Discounts are given to repeat customers, whether we're called in every day, week, fortnight or month.

Dentman will always give a prompt, reliable and value for money service. If for what ever reason I am unable to make an appointment, I will phone and inform you - not leave you with a car that is ready to go out but has a dent in it.

Call me on 01362 820682 or 07831 810600

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